What is a Central AC in Dubai?

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What is a Central AC in Dubai?

As the summer warmth of Dubai rolls in, it’s good to have an air conditioning device to counter heat in your home or office. There are different types of air conditioning systems – window, split, portable, and central units – to cool off the living space.

But what is a central AC in Dubai? Let’s read their operating methodology and learn how the central air conditioning device varies from the conventional window or split air conditioners.

What is Central AC in Dubai?

An air conditioning system has two separate coils to cool your house. Compared to a window or split air conditioner that cools a specific place or the place where it is mounted, a central AC unit is used to cool the whole home with uniform air distribution.

How Does It Work?

A central AC system is like a huge chiller for your home. It utilizes the same kinds of components and structures as the refrigerator, including the refrigerant that switches from liquid to gas and gas to liquid as it passes into a series of tubes and coils.

In comparison to the window air conditioner, which uses everything inside a single secrete unit, the central AC features a cooling compressor that is mounted outside the house, is isolated from the fan device used to pump cold air in the entire house on the central air unit. The central air machine will cool the whole home equally by utilizing the cooling ducts that surround the entire building.

Usually, the air handler is situated off the way such as in a cellar or attic. This unit, via a series of air ducts, channels chilled air in the building. One or several thermostats in the house function as regulators to switch the cooling device off and on.

The coil outside your house is referred to as the condensing coil. It consists of a compressor, a condensing coil condenser fan, a safety grill to prevent people from getting into touch with the fan blade, a case constructed for all the parts, valves, and two coolant lines leading into the building to the evaporator coil.

The refrigerant (called freon) inside the compressor is transferred via the evaporator coil within it, which cools the air since the furnace fan is blowing air through the evaporator coil. The heat is consumed by the coil. The coolant then runs back to the condenser coil outside, which is where the absorbed heat is emitted. The refrigerant is then restored to a liquid state while it is refrigerated and the coolant flow loop begins.

The Refrigeration Cycle of Central AC

  1. The coolant passes through an enclosed series of refrigeration lines running between the internal and external units using electricity as their power source.
  2. A motorized fan draws heated air from the interior of the building through the ductwork.
  3. The refrigerant is transferred from the outer compressor coil to the inner evaporator coil, where it extracts heat from the air.
  4. This cooler air is then powered around the house by linking conduits with airflow, reducing the internal temperature.
  5. The refrigeration period begins again, offering a reliable cooling process.

Parts of a Central AC System

To have a clearer idea of how the air is cooled, it helps to recognize the components that make up the central air conditioning unit. A traditional central air conditioning system comprises the following:

  • The exterior unit includes the condenser coil, compressor, fan, and electricity supplies.
  • The evaporator coil.
  • A collection of piping or cooling lines linking inside and outside machinery.
  • Coolant (freon), is a fluid flowing through the indoor and outdoor units of the cooling lines.
  • Ducts serve as air tubes to different spaces within your house.
  • A control system to turn AC ON or OFF.

Benefits of a Central AC System

Indoor comfort. Central climate control helps to keep your property cool and minimizes moisture levels.

Clean air circulation. When the central air conditioning device pulls air from return air ducts from separate rooms in the building, the air is drawn through an air filter that prevents airborne contaminants and dust particles. Microscopic contaminants may also be eliminated by the usage of advanced air filters. The filtered air would then be transferred to the ductwork of the air supply that transports it over to the rooms.

Noiseless operation. Since the compressor-bearing unit is mounted outside the building, the indoor noise level is significantly smaller than that of free-standing air conditioning.

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