Best Split Air Conditioners To Buy In UAE [2024 Reviewed]

Best Split Air Conditioners To Buy In UAE

Looking for the best-split AC in UAE?

An efficient working air conditioning system is a must to beat the UAE’s hot weather. But not every split AC is suitable for use. While some may consume too much electricity, some may deliver sub-par cooling performance.

But worry not…

The HVAC specialists team at BreezeCool, one of Dubai’s best AC repair and servicing companies, has compiled a top 10 list of 2023’s best-split ACs to buy in UAE.


Gree Split Air Conditioner 1 Ton B4 Matic-R12C3

The Gree B4 Matic-R12C3 is the 2023’s best budget-oriented air conditioner with dozens of unique specialities. This 1-ton AC is powered by a rotary compressor and delivers an excellent cooling performance in even the hottest of summers. It has a 3-dimension airflow which ensures uniform air distribution throughout the room.

But wait… there’s even more to Gree R12C3’s list of specialties!

X-Fan Function: This split AC model by Gree incorporates an X-fan function, an auto-cleaning type of technology where the indoor unit’s blowers operate in an advanced manner to prevent moisture and bacteria accumulation on the unit and inside the coils.

Gold-Fin Coating: With this type of coating, the coils stay in perfect condition for years to come. A majority of the air conditioner manufacturers keep the coils unprotected. But the Gree R12C3 is an exception!

Cold Plasma: Hate the unwanted odors from the air conditioner? Fortunately, this Gree split AC features cold plasma technology, deterring odors from the delivered air and keeping the room smell neutral.

Turbo Mode: When a majority of split ACs fail to perform in the 50°C intense summers of Dubai, the Gree 1 Ton B4 Matic-R12C3 continues to function despite the extremely hot weather. The credit goes to its Turbo Mode feature. Turning the Turbo Mode ON will make the air conditioner deliver double the cooling performance in the hottest hours of the day.

Apart from all this, the product is covered with an unbeatable 10-year warranty for all the electronic parts and the compressor.

Overall, Gree B4 Matic-R12C3 is the best split AC currently available in the UAE’s market.


Super General 18000 BTU 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioner

Super General 18000 is currently the best-split air conditioner in the UAE’s electronics market. It is a 1.5-ton split AC that takes the lead in the market due to its superb cooling performance, easy maintenance, and lots of special functionalities such as the 4-direction airflow blower and a built-in LED display. Another thing to appreciate about this air conditioning unit is its Rotary Compressor that runs with minimal noise, consumes less energy, is easier to maintain, and uses the easily available R22 refrigerant (also known as Freon).


Aftron Split System Air Conditioner AFW-24095BC

Don’t be fooled by its plain looks… the Aftron AFW-24095BC is made to beat the summer heat in UAE. This split AC cools down the room fast with its efficient compressor. Plus, you are at the advantage of an odor-free and bacteria-free room – all thanks to its plasma air filters that perform well when it comes to keeping the environment free of contaminants.


Midea Ultimate Comfort Split Wall AC 2-Ton

The Midea Ultimate features tropically defined AC equipment for optimum efficiency and usefulness in the hottest months of the year in the UAE. The unique inverter technology optimizes the output of the rotary compressor to provide maximum performance and reliability even in adverse weather conditions of up to 60°C.

The unit is fitted with advanced wind spray technology that releases deep air circulation through hundreds of tiny holes for supreme indoor cooling convenience as well as uniform airflow. There is also a smartphone control app offered by the company that allows for cooling changes from 1% to 100%, providing personalized cooling convenience.

You would also appreciate this split AC for its super silent service and revolutionary ‘Air Magic’ technology that keeps the environment free of airborne diseases and pathogens, viruses, and microbes.

Want to save on Dubai AC maintenance costs? With the Midea Split AC self-cleaning feature, the device will spin the indoor unit fan in reverse motion, expel condensed water, and remove bacteria from the system.

This split air conditioner is ideal for budget-oriented consumers as well. The air conditioner is fitted with an iECO energy-saving technology that helps you to experience relaxed coolness while dramatically lowering energy usage by up to 50%.


Gree Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton R4`matic-R18C3

Go green with the Gree 1.5-ton R18C3 split air conditioner which uses coolant R-410A instead of R-22. It’s more eco-friendly. It does not affect the ozone layer or cause diseases, such as R-22, and acts effectively with less influence on the environment.

This 1.5-ton GREE split air conditioner with a rotary compressor is planned and equipped for elevated temperatures of up to 54 degrees Celsius. The unit is simple to clean while its trendy front panel blends with every home decor. In contrast to unprotected coils, the gold-fin coating on this unit’s coils extends the coil’s performance over the period by 300 percent. Its three-dimensional airflow ensures consistent air circulation across the room.

And the amazing thing?

To experience quick airflow and cool the room in a shorter period, click the turbo’ button on the remote controller. The unit is also fitted with a sensor that detects the temperature around it and commands the system to automatically adjust the airflow for increased comfort.


O General Premium Split Wall AC 1.5 Ton

This O General Split AC is specially designed for UAE residents who want fast cooling performance with an increased airflow rate. While most air conditioners can’t go beyond the specific limit for the air blower speed, the O General is an exception. It is powered by a super-efficient piston compressor that not only guarantees better cooling performance in the hot season but also throws cool air at a faster rate with uniform distribution at every corner of the room. The reason behind this is the AC’s powerful 5-speed fan control with an additional “Power Cooling” mode.

So if you have a big room and want an AC to cool it instantly, or have lots of people sleeping in the same room under one AC unit and want an air conditioner that blows its air on every individual and corner of the room – this O General split ac model could be the perfect product to consider.


Akai 2.5 Ton Split AC Reciprocating Piston Compressor

The Akai 2.5 Ton is made for spacious rooms and/or dining halls where a small 1 or 1.5-ton air conditioner can’t properly function. The air conditioner is designed to provide an enhanced cooling effect, while its reciprocating compressor means less maintenance. Also, the AC is incorporated with fiber-glass filters that are known for capturing lint and dust without obstructing the airflow.

So these are the best split air conditioners to buy in the UAE in 2021. BreezeCool is one of Dubai’s top-rated HVAC companies, providing Emergency Dubai AC repair – Dubai AC Maintenance – Dubai AC Installation servicesDubai AC Gas Refill. Plus, if you are curious about any model before purchasing it, make sure to dial us at 050 726 4532 for free advice on the model you are purchasing and a 20% OFF discount on AC installation service anywhere in Dubai.

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