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Beat Dubai’s scorching heat with a fast AC installation service by BreezeCool.

Replacing or purchasing a brand new air conditioner is a huge financial commitment that can turn into frustration if you opt for installation services from a below standard company. BreezeCool is a licensed HVAC company with a ninja team of professionally-trained technicians to ensure efficient AC installation with 24/7 availability, anytime and anywhere in Dubai.

Our technicians are experienced in a wide range of operations, so you should be assured about the job they perform. We have the service you’re searching for, whether it’s installing an upgraded HVAC system or fixing and adjusting the current unit. In addition, we are available for AC installation in all forms of residential and industrial buildings.

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  • Expert Analyzation of the Space

  • Preparing the Place for AC Installation

  • Preparing the Ductwork

  • Drilling Holes for Pipe Connections or Wiring

  • Installing the New AC Unit

  • Testing the New AC System

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Getting An AC Unit Installed: What To Expect?

After scheduling an AC installation service with us, our certified technicians will visit your place at the designated time. The crew will first analyze the type of AC unit, the place (building floor and room) where you want the installation, the attic areas, crawl spaces, and the property’s electrical system.

Depending on the complexity of the project, our 1 or 2 team members will be on board with the installation process. If your HVAC project includes major ductwork, you should prepare to see more team members negotiating their way into attics and crawl spaces to make the requisite adjustments to the new appliance.

Once the ductwork has been finished, the team will continue to mount the new equipment according to the manufacturer’s requirements. Depending on the AC type, the unit will be mounted within and outside your building. The installed components can include the internal air handler or evaporator, the external compressor or condenser, new refrigerant supply lines, temperature sensor, condensate drain lines, and, where necessary, the condensate pump.

If needed, we may also upgrade wiring and circuit breakers or tweak the property’s electrical system during a standard HVAC installation. This will be performed by one of our authorized electrical engineers.

Once the HVAC replacement installation is complete, the pressure and vacuum checks are conducted before the new refrigerant is charged to the device. The refrigerant is added after a thorough inspection of the new HVAC system and the unit is triggered and retested to ensure that all parts are functioning properly.

After all the checks have been done, our technician will give you a brief overview of the functionality and settings of the AC, when to get it serviced and tuned, and how to reach optimum cooling efficiency while still maintaining the reliability of the device. This also includes a detailed guide on how to manually maintain the AC.

Emergency AC installation services in Dubai cater to urgent situations where immediate cooling solutions are required. Whether it’s a sudden AC breakdown or a new installation needed on short notice, these services provide prompt assistance. Skilled technicians swiftly assess the space, recommend suitable AC units, and execute the installation process efficiently. AC installation services understand the urgency of the situation in Dubai’s scorching climate and prioritize quick turnaround times without compromising quality. By offering round-the-clock availability, they ensure that homes and businesses can regain comfort swiftly, even during unexpected AC emergencies. Choosing reliable AC installation services guarantees peace of mind amidst the heat of Dubai.


For professional AC installation service, Breeze Cool provides top-notch solutions tailored to your cooling needs. Their experienced technicians conduct thorough assessments to recommend the best air conditioning systems for your space. With precise installation, secure wiring, and comprehensive testing, they ensure your AC unit operates efficiently from the start. Breeze Cool prioritizes customer satisfaction, offering seamless service and expert guidance throughout the installation process. Trust Breeze Cool for reliable and efficient AC installation service, ensuring a cool and comfortable environment in your home or office.

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Todays modern HVAC systems work efficiently only when properly installed. When wrongly mounted, they deliver poor cooling performance and costly headaches along the way…

To allow your home’s HVAC device function properly, your air conditioning system loads need to be carefully determined. As these loads differ from room to room, the output from all the components of the heating and air conditioning must be properly calibrated to the size of your home, building, or office. 

The amount of air passing through the room must also be proportional to the blower (or fan) power. Finally, the ductwork must be properly structured and assembled to uniformly spread heating and cooling in your house without under-standard cuts that produce dust or mold.

You may find someone who offers to finish the project at a cheaper price, but note that a new HVAC system is a costly investment in the value of your home and the comfort and welfare of your family. You don’t want to place your new AC unit at risk and maybe cost more money later on by going for low-grade installation work.

So it’s ideal to employ the experience of a specialist when it comes to installing an air conditioning device in a house or office room. The more professional and skilled the technician is the better he will be able to install the air conditioning device in your house so that you will not have to patch and modify the system in the long run.

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AC Installation is not everyone's cup of tea... A single mistake can screw up everything!

But Worry Not! Because We Are... of the HVAC industry.
  • Vetted & Background-Checked Professionals

    At BreezeCool, we employ only the finest and most qualified technicians in Dubai, and all of our installers are professionally licensed and certified.

  • Friendly 24/7 Customer Service

    Our team is round-the-clock available for 24/7 AC installation anywhere in Dubai. Call us anytime to schedule an installation appointment!

  • Affordable, Upfront Pricing

    We provide top-class AC installation services in Dubai yet are affordable in terms of pricing. Plus, we provide a flat 10% OFF discount on first servicing.

  • Backed By Your HAPPINESS Guarantee

    If you're not fully pleased with your installation, you're protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Keeping you satisfied with your AC’s performance is our main goal. That’s why BreezeCool strives to be the best AC installation service provider in Dubai, UAE.

There are several procedures, checks, and measurements to be done during an AC installation. Our technicians take the greatest caution when installing a new cooling device to guarantee satisfaction and longevity.

We pay close attention to all the specifics, from tilting the evaporator coil at the correct angle to avoiding condensate overflow and abnormal development of frost to properly insulating copper lines to providing 100% refrigerant leak-free installation. This would improve the performance of the cooling machine, maximize your comfort, and guarantee that the new air conditioner operates reliably for years to follow.

When the unit is mounted, the technician may carry out checks to ensure that it operates properly. We will also illustrate all the functionalities of your new system and offer expert advice on how to achieve maximum performance on low energy usage.

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What Is The Average Length Of An Air Conditioning Installation?

The average AC unit installation can take anywhere from 3 to 14 hours. The service duration is dependent on the job type – for example, it’s a first time AC installation in your home, how many AC’s you want to get installed, is there complex ductwork included, etc. Our experts will analyze your job type and then provide you with an appropriate time frame for the installation service.

How To Prepare Your Home For AC Installation?

There are a few chores you can perform until the general contractor comes that can speed up the AC installation process.


  1. Clear the place where your AC device will be installed, so the installer has easy access to the area.
  2. Please ensure your pets are caged and away from the installation site.
  3. Create an additional room for the installation squad in your yard or driveway. You should relocate your vehicles to enable the AC installation crew to park as close as possible to your house.
  4. We suggest that valuables like antiques and irreplaceable items be transferred to a secure spot.
  5. Usually, the air conditioning contractor and team — generally one or two assistants — will determine the site and initiate a proper plan for the work.
  6. Next, the team covers all floors in the related working areas by placing cloths and/or protective paper. Next, furniture and other household objects may be relocated to a secure position and outside the working areas.
  7. Owing to the possibility that dust can be generated during construction, heavy furniture and other household objects not moving should be protected with plastic cover. After ensuring that all flooring and household products are secured, the team can carry in their equipment and start the job.

I Am Not Sure How To Use My AC. Will You Help Me In This?

The installation team’s task is not done until they feel you’re totally satisfied. Our project manager will take the time to demonstrate the procedure of using your new AC, what you should anticipate when beginning, operating and shutting down. You may even ask them to guide you with modern programmable and intelligent thermostats. They would also suggest regular AC maintenance suggestions and address any other queries or complaints.

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