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An air conditioner gathers dust and dirt during operation, preventing adequate cooling. Therefore, it is really necessary to have your AC serviced to guarantee trouble-free performance.

In addition to reliability and productivity – AC maintenance also focuses on ensuring that there are no problems inside the AC and that each component of the AC operates properly.

Missing AC services can trigger many problems inside an AC, such as AC water leakage, AC not cooling, AC noise-producing, AC foul smell, etc. These risks can be mitigated by regularly scheduled AC maintenance services and repairing.

AC Maintenance Service in Dubai: What Does It Include?

If your air conditioner wants something beyond routine routine maintenance, hire a certified air conditioner service technician from BreezeCool. Our certified HVAC experts will conduct 60-90 minutes of precise tuning and skilled cleaning, including the following operations:

Dubai’s relentless heat underscores the significance of regular AC servicing maintenance. In a city where temperatures soar, air conditioning units are lifelines, necessitating optimal performance. AC servicing maintenance ensures longevity and efficiency of these vital systems. With Dubai’s dynamic lifestyle, scheduled maintenance becomes imperative to prevent sudden breakdowns. Professional AC servicing encompasses thorough cleaning, inspection, and repair of components, ensuring uninterrupted cooling. Companies offering AC servicing maintenance cater to residential and commercial sectors alike, prioritizing timely interventions to forestall any inconvenience. Choosing a reputable service provider guarantees peace of mind and sustained comfort amidst Dubai’s sweltering climate.

Dubai AC servicing, maintenance, and tune-up are essential for ensuring efficient cooling systems in the city’s harsh climate. Professional technicians offer comprehensive servicing that includes cleaning filters, inspecting ducts, and checking refrigerant levels to maintain peak performance. Regular maintenance prevents unexpected breakdowns and prolongs the lifespan of air conditioning units. Tune-ups involve calibrating thermostats and optimizing energy efficiency to reduce utility costs. By prioritizing AC servicing in Dubai, residents and businesses can enjoy consistent comfort and improved indoor air quality, ensuring their cooling systems operate reliably throughout the year.


Cleaning and disinfecting indoor/outdoor AC units, and A-Z components.

Blower Motor

Managing amperage and voltage calculation for proper activity.


Test for right working, calibration and level.

AC Filters

Clean existing air filters or installing new (as required).


Verifying the right quantity of coolant, tracking pressures and screening for coolant leakages.


Monitoring, measurement of amperage, voltage drawing and soldering connections.

Fan Blades

Inspecting the fan blades, cleaning the fins, and repair any bents.


Lubricating bearings and checking belts for tightness.


Cleaning, Inspecting, and Disinfecting.

Electrical Works

Checking electric terminals, cleaning and tightening connections and, if appropriate, adding a non-conductive coating.


Scanning of complete air-conditioner unit and verifying the right sequence of electrical operation.

A-Z Testing

A-Z testing of everything before handing over the complete AC service and maintenance report to the customer.

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Best AC Service in Dubai: What To Expect?

The standard of a professional air conditioning repair depends, of course, on the package that you subscribe to us… but here are the things that our licensed HVAC company performs.

1). Cleaning Air Intake Filters & Condenser Fins

An air-conditioner intake/filter gathers huge volumes of dust and pollutants following extended use. Plus, all the mileage adds on worn belts and pulleys as well. It’s unsafe to have the air conditioner in this condition. Clogged and dirty filtres inject pollutants into the environment. And it will snap rusty belts and pulleys, creating further harm and rendering the problem much worse.

Our technicians disinfect air filters during AC service. Condenser fins are rinsed for any molds and dirt particles. And the belts and pulleys are also checked for looseness and wear and tear.

2). AC Indoor/Outdoor Condensor & Evaporator Coil Cleaning

Dirt particles are the main adversaries of an air conditioning system. AC lines and coils are obstructed by debris and moisture and dust, which reduces the productivity of the device, overheats the unit, and may also contribute to a breakdown. Other than the indoor, the outdoor condenser coils can also become quite filthy if the outdoor environment is dusty or if there are trees nearby (as dry leaves can get stuck inside the outdoor unit). The condenser coil can be easily seen and found if dirt is accumulating on its fins.

Clearing the condensate line of your A/C allows the correct drainage of liquid condensate from your air conditioner. During AC service, our professionals will vacuum dust and debris from both indoor and outdoor condenser and evaporator coils. Condensate drain cleaning will also eliminate any mold and bacteria around the drain line. Our AC servicing professionals will also inspect for cracked condensate pipe and mend or restore any leaked condensate drain lines.

3). AC Fin Cleaning & Blade Shape Restoration

Aluminum fins on the evaporator and condenser coils of an AC get bent and coated with dust. This slows down the flow of air through the air vents and results in poor efficiency. Cleaning the fins and optimizing the operation of the blower motor ensures that you enjoy your air-conditioning unit with increased airflow and maximum cooling. This means that the unit runs at optimal performance and lowers the electricity costs.

During the AC service, our specialists will vacuum the dust from the AC condenser and evaporator fan blades. We’ll also use specialized “fin combs” to comb any of those bent fins back into their original shape.

4). Fixing Leaks and Clogs in Drain Lines

Clogged drain channels prevent a unit from reducing humidity, and the resulting excess moisture leads to leakage and discoloration of the wall where the AC is mounted.

Our technicians will check if the water is dripping or pooling anywhere in the unit during AC service. We will also check if there is any leakage from the pipes and tubes inside the AC unit. While performing the AC service, we will clean the drain and remove the dirt and debris to prevent the problem of water leakage from the AC unit.

5). Checking Coolant Level & AC Gas Leaks

Is your air conditioner working, but not cooling perfectly? Don’t worry, our AC service includes detection and fixation of problems. This involves testing the cooling tower for proper service as well as ensuring that the refrigerant is accurately loaded.

During the AC tune-up, our technicians will verify if the measure of the coolant is proper in the conditioning or evaporator coils. If it’s low, you’ve got a leak in your coils. If the coolant level (Freon) is lower than the quantity needed, the cooling coil temperature drops below the norm and the AC stops cooling.

6). Tightening Loose Electrical Connections & Lubricating Moving Parts

Our technicians will calibrate the thermostat and ensures sure it is mounted appropriately and functioning correctly.

Our specialist will also test electrical contacts for secure service. Testing and reinforcing loose electrical connections avoids possible electrical risks and thus can increase the lifespan of your air conditioning system.

The absence of lubrication leads to a rapid deterioration of device elements, which needs more frequent maintenance and/or replacement. So lubrication will also be carried out.

7). Checking The Overall Condition

A full examination of all the components of your air conditioning unit can expose minor issues that may lead to breakdowns. You will be notified about the repairs that need to be made or the not-so-noticeable problems that may trigger you a major expense later on.

During the AC operation, the AC technician examines the main components such as the compressor, fan motor, evaporator panel, condenser unit, and thermostat to search for any malfunction. If any flaw is identified in the components during the AC overhauling, the technician will propose a fix or replacement as needed. Learn to code now

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How often an AC needs to be serviced in Dubai?

Daily UsageServicing Period
24 HoursEvery 3 months
14-18 HoursEvery 4 months
Only NightEvery 6 months
Rarely UsedEvery 1 year

You can only perform basic servicing of the easily-accessible filter nets located inside the indoor unit. For advanced servicing and cleaning, hiring an expert is a must. An expert technician will perform a deep cleaning of your AC by dusting each of the components that can only be accessed by detaching the assembly.

He deep clean and disinfect the evaporator assembly, check and fix the drain pipes, optimize the blower motor, enhance the airflow, fixes weak electrical connections, checks refrigerant gas, changes the foam that runs between outdoor unit to the indoor unit, inspects coils, cleans the aluminum fins located in the outdoor unit, enhances the cooling performance, lubricates moving parts, and do everything possible to bring the Air-Conditioning unit back in its showroom condition.

Certain company owners aim to save by making their own staff taking control of the proactive maintenance of HVAC. The same applies to households as well. Though you can clean the indoor unit’s air filters on your own, and dust the easy-to-reach areas… But several of the activities such as deep cleaning of evaporator assembly, optimizing refrigerant gas, and other activities mentioned above are better performed by a specialist with expertise.

Air conditioners are complicated, multi-component devices that may create issues in the long run. Not only does a qualified HVAC technician know how to clean and service all parts correctly, he even knows how to detect issues before break-ups arise. Your technician will also propose changes that can help the machine work more smoothly, reduce energy expenses, and keep you satisfied with the cooling performance throughout the year.

You can schedule an AC tune-up and servicing job with us – either through filling the online form or contacting our 24/7 helpline @0507264532.
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  1. infobreezecool

    Regular air filter cleaning and professional servicing once a year are key for AC maintenance.

  2. infobreezecool

    AC coils themselves don’t have a set lifespan in Dubai. It depends on maintenance (cleaning) frequency, which can vary between 6 months and 2 years.

  3. infobreezecool

    During AC maintenance, technicians check filters, refrigerant levels, electrical components, coils, thermostat functionality, condensate drains, ductwork, and lubricate moving parts for optimal performance.

  4. infobreezecool

    An AC tune-up includes inspecting and cleaning coils, checking refrigerant levels, tightening electrical connections, lubricating moving parts, and testing system performance for optimal efficiency.

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