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BreezeCool’s air duct cleaning service purifies and enhances your home’s air quality and makes your AC unit work more efficiently by deep cleaning your home’s air ducts. 

We are a top-rated supplier of duct cleaning services in Dubai and our skilled technicians conduct rigorous cleansing by removing pollutants such as dust, mold, and bacteria inside AC ducts. We clean the ducts to perfection so that not even a single trace of dust or debris is left inside those airflow pipes. 

If you discover that there is mold formation, pest or insect infestation, or dust entering your home through the air ducts, you can instantly get in touch with BreezeCool and get your AC ducts cleaned by one of Dubai’s best licensed HVAC firms. 

Our trained technicians use well-controlled duct surface brushing along with contact vacuuming to eject dust and other debris. Our ultimate aim is to guarantee that the duct is cleaned to a brand-new state. In addition, remote photography will be given to the customer to evaluate before and after conditions inside ducts. 

Our Guarantee – All areas of the device would be visibly clean; you will not be able to spot any debris through the naked eye!

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  • Breaking Contaminants Loose

    A proper Duct Cleaning calls for the elimination of contamination sources. This elimination of the contamination source starts with the usage of one or more agitation devices built to loosen pollutants from the central air conditioning system surfaces. Examples of agitation devices include soft-bristle brushes, air whips, and compressed air nozzles.

  • Extraction of Dust & Pollutants

    During an air duct cleaning, the whole HVAC device is exposed to constant negative pressure (a vacuum) to avoid the spread of pollutants. Continuous negative pressure enables very small particles to be extracted from the device before they become airborne, meaning that these particles are not emitted into living space when the system is powered on after cleaning. This negative pressure is often used to capture loose contaminants that are gathered and extracted from your house.

  • Deep Cleaning The Air Duct Pipes

    Whenever practicable, current openings such as supply diffusers, refill bars, vent end caps, and existing service openings can provide entry to the inner area of the duct. In order to hit the internal surface with different cleaning equipment, our cleaning technicians may cut access holes in the duct. The cutting and sealing process will be performed by our highly-skilled professionals.

  • Disinfecting The Air Duct

    Sanitizers, disinfectants, and deodorizers will be used on non-porous surfaces in the HVAC system. This will be done to control microbial infection and assist in odor control. Only chemicals licensed with UAE's environmental protection agencies will be used.

We can improve your home's air quality and increase your HVAC efficieny!

Do you notice little dust splashes from the airline every time you turn on the (HVAC) system of your home? Have you noticed particles or pet fur stuck in the air vents? Is the grill of the return air registers coated with dust? If yes, then these are the signs that the ductwork in your home may be subject to a comprehensive cleaning.

Dust, allergens, dander, sawdust, dust mites, and other microscopic pollutants circulating in the air of your home gradually migrate into your heating and cooling device. This airborne debris is stuck on the AC filters (which are replaceable and easily cleanable), while some of these contaminants get trapped in the ductwork… which is the real trouble!

Since ductwork is mostly situated behind walls or above floors, so the task of cleaning it is overlooked. And since many people fail to get regular air duct maintenance done, it creates long-term issues with indoor air quality.

BreezeCool Air Duct Cleaning Service meets the required standards for the cleaning of ducts, with the full operation being carried out by well-trained HVAC technicians.

Our skilled workers start cleaning the AC duct by covering the floors and installing corner guards; add a strong vacuum to the main conduit; then use advanced equipment to loosen the dust so that the vacuum may absorb it.

Before departing, our specialist will address any concerns you may have to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with the job.

AC Duct Cleaning Service in Dubai:
What to expect?

Our team arrives on schedule in a BreezeCool branded vehicle at your home/office. Our technicians will complete the initial review to get a clearer idea of what type of cleaning will be more effective and whether there are any harmful or dangerous items to be treated, such as contaminants or mold.

Your place will be prepared for air duct cleaning. Our technicians will make sure that all winds and returns are accessible. Floors and furniture items will be covered with plastic sheets, and corner guards will be installed where needed.


Before the duct cleaning starts, our technicians will properly seal your vents and returns, and position the air conditioning ducts under negative pressure to increase airflow.


The technicians will fix and service different HVAC device components during the cleaning process. These include:


  • Supply and return ducts
  • Heating and cooling coils
  • Diffusers and grilles
  • Drip pans
  • Fan housing and motor
  • Air handling unit housing

Our technicians use brushes, whips, and skipper balls to clear dust and contaminants from the air ducts. Only soft-bristled brushes must be used on fibreglass lined ducts.


Strong pressure compressed air whips are placed into the ductwork to expel the soil and contaminants accumulated in the containment system.


The debris is then collected by a high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) vacuum or a vacuum that expels particles outside the home or house.

After the deep cleaning of air ducts, our team will conduct a final inspection to guarantee that there are no problems with the air duct device and that all entry gaps used during the cleaning phase are resealed. We'll make sure the machine operates well and there's no loose debris scattered around the house.

Your home or office ductwork brings millions of noticeable and invisible pollutants and debris into the air every day. Since your system is becoming dirtier with time and usage, air duct cleaning is a vital service for enhancing your indoor air quality.

HVAC specialists at BreezeCool recognize the significance and mechanisms of detailed and regular cleaning of air ducts. The post benefits of air duct cleaning include reduced energy costs, increased HVAC unit efficiency, and effective temperature regulation. You may also reap health benefits, such as better breathing, improved focus, and fewer headaches.

Our 19-Point Duct Cleaning Checklist:

✔ Accessing and disinfecting the whole heating and cooling system. This includes ductwork and all parts (drain pans, humidifiers, coils, and fans).

✔ We ensure that the ductwork and plenums are clean enough. (Plenum is a room in which the supply or return air is combined or moves; it may be a vent, joist space, attic and crawl space, or wall cavity.)

✔ Proper cleaning of the heat exchanger surface.

✔ The cooling coil is visibly clean on all sides.

✔ On pointing a flashlight into the cooling coil, the light will shine on the other side. This ensures the coil is properly cleaned.

✔ Fixing bent over coil fins and straightening them with specially-designed combs.

✔ The coil drain pot is absolutely clean and completely drained.

✔ Ensuring that the bower blades are safe, oil-free, and waste-free.

✔ Ensuring there is no exposed dust or dirt in the blower compartment.

✔ Ensuring the return air plenum is clear from detectable dust or debris.

✔ Making sure that the filters sit properly and they are as efficient as suggested by the manufacturer of the HVAC system.

✔ Making sure the supply air plenum (directly underneath the air handling unit) clear of moisture stains and pollutants.

✔ Ensuring the surfaces of internal ductwork clear of noticeable debris.

✔ Ensuring the fiberglass content is in decent shape (i.e. tear and abrasion-free; well adhered to the underlies).

✔ Ensuring the recently installed access doors in sheet metal ducts attached with more than just duct tape (e.g., screws, rivets, mastic, etc.)

✔ Ensuring the air leakage through entrance doors or covers is incredibly limited or non-existent while the machine is running.

✔ Ensuring all registers, grids, and diffusers are fitted to partitions, floors, and/or ceilings.

✔ Ensuring all the registers, grilles, and diffusers visibly clean.

✔ Ensuring the machine works correctly in both the heating and cooling modes.

There are two key factors for homeowners and company owners to book duct cleaning services: hygiene issues and HVAC inefficiency.


Hygiene Issues

The well-being of you, your colleagues, and your loved ones may be affected by filthy, infected ducts. This extends specifically to individuals with existing health problems such as asthma, allergy, and breathing diseases. If your family members develop unusual coughing, headaches, dizziness, or other signs of sickness, you should schedule an air duct cleaning service.


Contaminants that may be present in dirty ductwork include the following:


Mold - Moldy ducts can be extremely damaging to your health. Mold usually develops in moisture-exposed duct systems. In your HVAC machine, mold is extremely harmful because it grows and circulates in the air. If left unchecked, airborne mold can trigger allergies.


Not all molds are noticeable, but you should be mindful of some unusual smells or disturbing signs of health. If you suspect the mold develops in your duct system, a duct cleaning service should be scheduled as soon as possible, so as to minimize the possibility of health issues.


Dust - Air ducts that show symptoms of wear and tear or structures that have not been adequately sealed may be at risk of contamination with dirt.


If you or someone in your family has asthma or allergy, the dust in your system can further deteriorate the health condition. Over time, dust settles naturally in an HVAC machine, hampering air quality in space. Regular checks and maintenance of ducts will help to keep the ducts in neat and clean and perfect condition.


Pet Dander - Pet dander, while not toxic, is one of the major contributors to indoor allergies. Your HVAC machine will be clogged with fur and dander if you possess a cat, exacerbating allergies and lowering the consistency of your indoor air.


There are several options in your house to minimize pet dander, but your ductwork may still be affected if you move into a home that was previously occupied by pet owners. Therefore, proper duct cleaning service is scheduled in such cases.


Insect Infestation - Vermin like insects or mice are typically used to build their habitats inside a duct system. This will obstruct your system and allow droppings or dead bugs to disperse germs. If you see or hear bugs creeping in or out of some section of your HVAC device, plan the examination and cleaning of the air duct as soon as possible.


HVAC System Inefficiency

A technician may suggest cleaning of the duct during a scheduled AC maintenance operation. This is because the system's productivity may be compromised by filthy ductwork while heating and cooling.


As particles and contaminants build up in your system, they will obstruct pathways and make it impossible for the air to move. This obstruction will lead to the air conditioner consuming 2x energy to operate. That means wasting your energy and resources.


Your unit may even be affected by debris and mud. Unwanted particles can fly through your machinery's sensitive parts, causing clogs, wear, and early breakdowns. Cleaning your ducts will maximize the lifespan of your machine.


Many variables, from everyday wear and tear to inappropriate construction and excessive exposure to moisture or pollutants, lead to the state of the interior of your air ducts. A good cleaning of ducts might be just the thing that your home requires.

Dust-free ducts are more efficient. If the unit is properly cleaned, it operates at the most reliable standards, offering quicker reactions, convenience, and a decrease in your energy usage.


Daily maintenance of the duct removes excessive stress on the HVAC unit. If your ducts are clogged with debris or polluted, your machine needs to work harder to force the air into the room.


Clean air pipes lead to maintaining a clean atmosphere. If the air is polluted by bugs, pet dander, and other harmful pollutants, it is likely to cause illnesses. Breathing in clean air keeps you and your family safe from allergies and breathing illnesses.

We suggest cleaning ducts on such occasions: if and when and when there is noticeable mold development within the components of your heating and cooling device, if and when the ducts are infested with mice or insects, if and when you find dark dust, and if and when the ducts are so debris-filled that a large amount of dust falls through them into your house.


Another concern is whether the airflow in any space in your home is proper or obstructed. Dirt, ashes, or mold accumulation may be liable for reducing the airway in your home.

Duct cleaning requires the usage of advanced equipment to agitate and dislodge debris in ducts, and loosen dirt and other pollutants so that they are easily vacuumed out. The ducts are often cut for entry to the inner tubes and need to be properly resealed. An efficient vacuum system is then used to eliminate the contaminants of the air duct.


If any of these jobs is not handled properly, you can expect major HVAC unit malfunctions in the long run.


For instance, if the vacuum tube/containment device is not closely sealed and contaminants are exhausting to the outside or if HEPA is not included in an internal vacuum system, then contaminants and pollutants may be emitted in your house. As part of the duct cleaning method, the ducts can have a tool or vacuum hose access service holes that may not be fully sealed after usage. Or components of HVAC systems may be disassembled and destroyed, or not properly mounted, etc.


These are some of the major issues that might arise if the duct cleaning is performed by inexperienced technicians.


But worry not... We at BreezeCool ensure the highest standard of workmanship and efficiency. Every member of our team is educated in the best standards of HVAC operation and offers the best possible customer service. When arranging an air vent cleaning service with us you can relax more comfortably trusting that we've done things the correct way.

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