The 4 Best Window ACs To Buy In UAE [2023 Reviewed]

4 Best Window ACs To Buy In UAE

The 4 Best Window ACs To Buy In UAE [2023 Reviewed]

Beat UAE’s summer heat thanks to these high-performance window air conditioners from one of the most reputable brands hand-picked by our professionals at the BreezeCool Dubai AC Repair Company.

When our home or office becomes a target of heatstroke, a top-performing window AC creates the difference between staying in fair luxury all summer or sweating it out in weather that’s hot enough to scald a lizard!

Fortunately, battling the heat with these best window air conditioners is very easy in the UAE. However, it helps to provide some knowledge and a window AC buying guide to help you pick the right appliance to maximize coolness and comfort in the summer.

1). Super General 1.5 Ton Window Air Conditioner SGA19HE

The SGA19HE window air conditioner by Super General is a highly efficient and low-maintenance air conditioning unit, thanks to a versatile Rotary T3 compressor. This compact window-ac unit even has an easy-to-clean filter for added convenience. This window AC blends neatly into every living or working space with its simple white color and is the ideal cooling unit for rooms big or small.

This 18,000 BTU air-conditioner is fitted with a variety of functional features designed to improve comfort, particularly during hot summer months.

Auto-defrosting: The Auto-Defrosting function stops the evaporator from freezing, thereby prolonging the window-ac lifetime and contributing to improved energy-saving.

Quiet operation: The SGA19HE Window AC is noiseless, even at higher fan speeds. This is extremely beneficial when yearning for quiet and soothing comfort at night or during working hours.

Auto-Start: With this function, this Window AC unit can restart in its initially defined settings after unexpected power failure.

Self-evaporating system: No excess water is stored in our external unit with the assistance of the Self-Evaporating Mechanism. Rather, it absorbs condensate water energy to increase efficiency.

And the amazing thing?

This AC window features Gold-Fin and is a special golden anti-corrosion layer on the condenser. The device can withstand salty air, rain, and other corrosive materials and extreme environmental environments, due to this golden coating. It also efficiently inhibits bacteria from spawning.

This super general window AC is built to keep UAE residents calm and happy during the warm summer months thanks to its good cooling, quiet functioning, and adjustable airflow for spaces large or small.

2). Super General 1.5 Ton SGA19-41HE Rotary Type Window AC

This 1.5 Ton AC by Super General is simple to mount and cools the space as well as our top choice for almost the same price. Take the SGA19-41HE variant from the Super General if our top choice product is sold out. It has almost the same features as the SGA19HE edition, but with a better configuration that is more nicely pronounced when installed in tiny apartment spaces.

Don’t be fooled by its two-knob brevity. Instead, label it a ninja variant of an ice block and a fan. Turn your knob to the maximum snowflake setting and fast airflow for full chilled air throughout your living space. In a few minutes, the room will fill you with cool air. We didn’t hear any rattles and we were fascinated by its silent cooling. If you’re a light sleeper, this is what you might like. As long as maintenance is concerned, the air filter slides out effortlessly, a convenient feature that makes cleaning simpler.

3). Westpoint WWZ-2525HRT 2 Ton Window Air Conditioner

Westpoint has a high regard in the market for air conditioners. This one-ton air conditioner definitely steps up to the credibility of the company and consumer satisfaction. Its 5-star rating testifies to the fact that it will use the lowest electric resources and thus will offer you a budget-friendly electricity bill.

When held in High mode, the unit cools the space as soon as possible. It’s the copper condenser and aluminum-coated fins enhance reliability to resist corrosion and boost overall efficiency. In addition to this special functionality, the AC includes all other normal features, such as Auto mode; advanced-technology on- and off-timers, dry mode, automated restarts, dry mode to help remove excess moisture from the environment, etc.

Overall, this is a sturdy air conditioner that takes into consideration all of your cooling needs.

change temp, turn the unit on/off, and create custom schedules) remotely

4). Midea U MAW12V1QWT Window AC

If you are tired of the same old-style window ACs, this Midea window ac is the one for you. This sleek-looking AC unit is sportier than others and is smart-enabled so you can monitor it remotely. The strong 8,000 BTU AC can cool spaces up to 400 square feet and can throw air as far as 20ft., making it suitable for bigger rooms or workplaces.

With revolutionary DC Inverter technology, Midea U facilitates over 35% of electricity savings relative to other conventional units, and it is the first window AC to earn the Most Efficient ENERGY STAR 2020 designation.

This is also one of the most silent air conditioners we’ve experienced. It is actually 9x quieter than most conventional units, in reality. The U-shape masks the sound from the cooling unit. This model supports an incredibly quiet activity of as little as 42 dBA, which’s almost as peaceful as a library. Therefore, light sleepers can get a restful night’s sleep without growling or irritating air-blower noises.

It’s also the only U-shaped device that helps you to close the window in its middle, separating the compressor from the interior. The construction, which includes a special air conditioning bracket, makes the MAW12V1QWT more mechanically complex, but you are at an advantage since the mounting bracket supports the unit both with the window opened or closed. This window AC works with Google Assistant and Alexa Home.

Window AC Selection Guide

The first step in choosing a window AC is to find a balance between the room’s size and the air conditioner’s BTU. Here’s how to do so:

1). Have the region measured. Multiply the length of the floor by its width to reach its area. If there is a triangular segment of the floor region, multiply the base of the triangle by its height and split it by half; add it to the floor area (length x width) you arrived at in the first step.

2). Multiply the area by 20. This provides you with the estimated BTU of the air conditioner you need to shop for. BTU explains the heat removal capacity of the system. The 20 multiplier is a thumb law and not very exact, but it does give you a good estimate. If the space is incredibly warm or receives direct heat from the sun, you may multiply the room’s area by 22 or 23.

Choose the air conditioner with the best available EER in your price bracket. EER represents the proportion of resources that it needs to turn warm hot air into dry cold air while eliminating waste heat to the outside. The higher the Energy Efficiency Rating is, the better it is. If the higher EER device costs a little extra, there is a fair probability that energy conservation can cancel that price over the life of the appliance with reduced electricity bills.

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