Split AC Repair & Maintenance Service Dubai

Split AC Repair & Maintenance Service in Dubai

Split AC Repair & Maintenance Service Dubai - 📞 050 726 4532

Looking for split AC repair service in Dubai?

BreezeCool is the best split AC repair and maintenance servicing HVAC company near you in Dubai. We offer emergency split AC fix – 24/7, anywhere and anytime in Dubai. Dial us now at 050 726 4532 for urgent repairs of wall-mounted air conditioners and/or split AC.

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Split AC Repair Service in Dubai

Split air conditioners are one of the most common types of air conditioning units found in homes and offices across Dubai. If your split AC has run into a critical issue, then turn to BreezeCool for professional repairing. We are a team of certified AC repair specialists who can troubleshoot all sorts of issues on high priority.

Either the split AC in your home or office is blowing warm air or you feel there’s compressor malfunction, BreezeCool (one of Dubai’s best AC servicing companies) can be hired for the fixation of all sorts of issues with 100% client satisfaction.

Split AC Maintenance Service in Dubai

The main purpose of routine AC maintenance is to ensure that the air conditioning unit works with 100% cooling performance at all times. Poorly maintained air conditioners may cause instability and halt the cooling partially or completely. Therefore, it’s important to get your split air conditioners regularly maintained for a comfortable temperature and trouble-free operation.

We at BreezeCool offer affordable yet top-notch AC maintenance service in Dubai. We work with the main aim of restoring any air conditioning unit back to its showroom condition. We have state-of-the-art cleaning machinery that deep cleanses and sterilizes both the indoor+outdoor units. In addition, our AC servicing package has lots of inclusions. These include cleaning of condenser drains, high-pressure filter washing, brushing/straightening of the air fins, removal of dirt and stains from the indoor and outdoor unit, and inspection of the complete unit to prevent future breakdown.


Cleaning and disinfecting indoor/outdoor AC units, and A-Z components.

Blower Motor

Managing amperage and voltage calculation for proper activity.


Test for right working, calibration and level.

AC Filters

Clean existing air filters or installing new (as required).


Verifying the right quantity of coolant, tracking pressures and screening for coolant leakages.


Monitoring, measurement of amperage, voltage drawing and soldering connections.

Fan Blades

Inspecting the fan blades, cleaning the fins, and repair any bents.


Lubricating bearings and checking belts for tightness.


Cleaning, Inspecting, and Disinfecting.

Electrical Works

Checking electric terminals, cleaning and tightening connections and, if appropriate, adding a non-conductive coating.


Scanning of complete air-conditioner unit and verifying the right sequence of electrical operation.

A-Z Testing

A-Z testing of everything before handing over the complete AC service and maintenance report to the customer.

Emergency Split AC Repairs in Dubai

If your split AC breaks down at an unexpected hour of the day and you want an instant fix to the problem, you can rely on BreezeCool’s Emergency AC Repair service. Dial us at 050 726 4532 and we will instantly dispatch a team of HVAC experts for urgent air conditioner repairing at your address in Dubai. The plus factor of employing us for your split AC repair job is that we have 24/7 availability of replacement parts of all brand air conditioners as well. So if there’s split AC malfunctioning even late in the night, you can BreezeCool with complete assurity of the problem being resolved as fast as possible.

BreezeCool is one of the top-rated Split AC repairs and servicing companies in Dubai. We are the maestros of this industry and have years of experience under our belt. No problem is too complex for us. We work with a 100% money-back guarantee, and our team is bestowed with the top-notch professionalism of repairing air conditioners.

Top Quality Work

100% Client Satisfaction

Certified HVAC Experts

24/7 Service

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