Central AC Repair & Maintenance Service Dubai

Central AC Repair & Maintenance Service in Dubai

Central AC Repair & Maintenance Service Dubai - 📞 050 726 4532

Looking for Central AC repair or maintenance service in Dubai?

BreezeCool is here to fix central air conditioning unit malfunctions with 100% customer satisfaction. Our central AC repair and maintenance service restores faulty central ACs to their perfect working condition. Fill the online form below or call us at 050 726 4532 for urgent 24/7 repairs of central ac anywhere in Dubai.

Fill this Online Form below or Dial us at 📞 050 726 4532

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Central AC Repair Service in Dubai

Central air conditioners, or what people normally call “Ducted air conditioners”, are common in commercial buildings, apartments, and bungalows across Dubai. This unit relies on three major components to deliver peak cooling performance. These are the evaporator, condenser, and distribution lines – all three of which are enclosed and need a professional service person for even minor repairs or regular maintenance, therefore.

BreezeCool specializes in all types of central ac problems – the credit goes to our certified HVAC specialists who know the ins and outs of central ac units and thus 24/7 ready to fix all sorts of issues you are facing with your central air conditioning unit. From common issues like blocked distribution lines or a damaged evaporator coil component to complex issues like compressor malfunction… the central AC repair experts at BreezeCool are capable of repairing any sort of issues you are facing with the central AC system installed in your building.

Central AC Maintenance Service in Dubai

Central air conditioners need to be professionally inspected, serviced, and tuned up before every cooling season. Unlike window and split AC units which can be somewhat maintained by cleaning the easy-to-access air filters, central or ducted AC units have all the components such as the filter, blower, and coils in sealed compartments and can only be accessed by an HVAC expert.

The Central AC Maintenance package offered by BreezeCool is a complete central air conditioner servicing package that includes A-Z tuning of the AC unit. Our maintenance service includes deep cleaning the condenser coil and fins, disinfecting the duct pipes, balancing the distribution system, evaporator cleaning, setting the thermostat, checking for leaks, and inspection of the complete unit. Our HVAC experts go above and beyond in central AC repair and maintenance jobs, to ensure the unit is restored to its brand new condition where maximum cooling efficiency is achieved.


Cleaning and disinfecting indoor/outdoor AC units, and A-Z components.

Blower Motor

Managing amperage and voltage calculation for proper activity.


Test for right working, calibration and level.

AC Filters

Clean existing air filters or installing new (as required).


Verifying the right quantity of coolant, tracking pressures and screening for coolant leakages.


Monitoring, measurement of amperage, voltage drawing and soldering connections.

Fan Blades

Inspecting the fan blades, cleaning the fins, and repair any bents.


Lubricating bearings and checking belts for tightness.


Cleaning, Inspecting, and Disinfecting.

Electrical Works

Checking electric terminals, cleaning and tightening connections and, if appropriate, adding a non-conductive coating.


Scanning of complete air-conditioner unit and verifying the right sequence of electrical operation.

A-Z Testing

A-Z testing of everything before handing over the complete AC service and maintenance report to the customer.

Emergency Central AC Repairs in Dubai

The need for central AC repair on an urgent basis can arise at any time. If the AC in your home or office has started blowing warm air or you sniff a burning smell from the compartment, you can turn to BreezeCool for instant troubleshooting of the issue. We have our mini parts mobile shop, parts replacement warehouse, and HVAC experts 24/7 ready to be deployed anytime and anywhere for emergency central AC repairs in Dubai. Dial us at 050 726 4532 and our team would immediately reach your assigned location with the replacement part.

If you want your central AC repaired by a professional in Dubai, look no other BreezeCool. We are a Dubai-based AC repairing and servicing company, providing state-of-the-art services to Emiratis with 100% satisfaction and a money-back guarantee. We have certified and skilled workers who know the nitty-gritty of all types and models of air conditioners. They work like true professionals and can resolve even the most complex of problems – cheap, fast, and competently.

Top Quality Work

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