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Portable AC Repair & Maintenance Service in Dubai

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Looking for the best Portable AC Repair Service in Dubai?

Portable air conditioners are becoming a norm in society due to their portability, simple mechanism, and electricity savings. But since it is an electrical unit, it is also prone to malfunctions. Found an issue with your portable AC? Contact BreezeCool at 050 726 4532 for urgent repairing of portable AC in Dubai.

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Portable AC Repair Service in Dubai

Although portable air conditioners are reliable and easy to maintain, an error code or a device issue can sometimes be detected. Issues like lack of cooling performance, restricted airflow, AC being unable to turn ON, strange noises from the unit, and musty smell can occur in portable air conditioners as well.

We at BreezeCool (a top-rated AC repair company in Dubai) have the expertise to inspect and troubleshoot portable AC malfunctions. From repairing and replacing body parts to fixing faulty compressors, and stopping refrigerant leaks to repairing a blown-out fuse box – BreezeCool ac service experts are round-the-clock available for the resolution of portable AC failures.

Portable AC Maintenance Service in Dubai

Ducts, pipes, compressors, and air filters are some of the major components that help the portable air conditioner function with peak efficiency. If any of these components get clogged with dirt or develop a fault, the AC may not produce the expected cooling results. While you can perform a larger part of maintenance in such units yourself, there are some instances where you need to get your portable AC maintained by a professional. For example, you can’t deep cleanse the indoor and outdoor units.

BreezeCool offers the best-in-class portable ac maintenance service in Dubai. The use of advanced machinery + HVAC certified professionals grants us the competence to restore your portable air conditioning unit to its brand new condition.


Cleaning and disinfecting indoor/outdoor AC units, and A-Z components.

Blower Motor

Managing amperage and voltage calculation for proper activity.


Test for right working, calibration and level.

AC Filters

Clean existing air filters or installing new (as required).


Verifying the right quantity of coolant, tracking pressures and screening for coolant leakages.


Monitoring, measurement of amperage, voltage drawing and soldering connections.

Fan Blades

Inspecting the fan blades, cleaning the fins, and repair any bents.


Lubricating bearings and checking belts for tightness.


Cleaning, Inspecting, and Disinfecting.

Electrical Works

Checking electric terminals, cleaning and tightening connections and, if appropriate, adding a non-conductive coating.


Scanning of complete air-conditioner unit and verifying the right sequence of electrical operation.

A-Z Testing

A-Z testing of everything before handing over the complete AC service and maintenance report to the customer.

Emergency Central AC Repairs in Dubai

The need for central AC repair on an urgent basis can arise at any time. If the AC in your home or office has started blowing warm air or you sniff a burning smell from the compartment, you can turn to BreezeCool for instant troubleshooting of the issue. We have our mini parts mobile shop, parts replacement warehouse, and HVAC experts 24/7 ready to be deployed anytime and anywhere for emergency central AC repairs in Dubai. Dial us at 050 726 4532 and our team would immediately reach your assigned location with the replacement part.

Want to schedule AC repairing and/or maintenance service in Dubai? Fill the online order form above or call us at 050 726 4532 for emergency AC repairs in Dubai.

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