Best Tips To Reduce AC Electricity Bills by Up To 20% [VERY EASY]

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Best Tips To Reduce AC Electricity Bills by Up To 20% [VERY EASY]

Do you have to pay exorbitant AC bills every summer? 

What if we tell you that you can reduce your monthly electricity bills by upto 20% at least? 

No, we don’t want you to switch off the air conditioner because it will be impractical for you. 

But it is possible to lower your cooling costs by improving your air conditioner’s efficiency, and it’s not that complicated either.

Read on as we inform you some of the low-cost techniques that can go a long way to help your AC stay cool without going over budget.

Use Ceiling Fans With Your AC

Make use of your ceiling fans! 

Your ceiling fans help support your AC by distributing the proper amount of conditioned air in your room. This setting encourages you to increase the thermostat a few degrees, and the compressor runs for a shorter time. Thus, combining the ceiling fans with the air conditioner lowers your energy bills.

Block Sunlight From Windows

The sun pounds down on the house on the warmest and most sunny days. Blocking out the sunlight using curtains and shades allows the house to remain cooler, especially on the south-facing windows.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a perfect tool to increase the efficiency of your air conditioning unit as it helps you to build a tailored cooling program focused on the needs of your family.

This way, you won’t have to think about wasting your resources accidentally when you head to work the day or the weekend. Cooling unoccupied spaces wastes a ton of electricity, and this form of thermostat will solve the issue.

Replace/Clean The Air Filter

There’s a widespread myth that your cooling system’s air filter improves your home’s indoor air quality. The truth is that the air filter is there to block debris from the warm air drawn from the indoor air by an air-conditioning unit, thus securing the internal components of your AC device. 

If your air filter becomes too clogged, your air conditioner may have to operate even harder to pump cold air into your home. This puts undue pressure on the machine, potentially resulting in breakdowns and other technical problems.

Timely Maintenance Is Important

We normally prescribe air conditioning repairs and maintenance before the summer season starts. However, it is smart practice to get the machine tested if you have missed maintenance this year or if you have an ageing system that displays potential symptoms of failure. BreezeCool’s AC repair experts disinfect and optimize the cooling machine completely through its best AC maintenance Dubai and warn you about minor repair requirements until they become substantially bigger.

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