Why Does My Home AC Need Refrigerant Recharge Every Year?

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Why Does My Home AC Need Refrigerant Recharge Every Year?

The refrigerant is an integral part of the air conditioner, so it is essential to treat it with care and not to see it dissipating away. Without refrigerant, the AC won’t be able to do anything other than blow plain air around the building.

Unfortunately, many homeowners believe in the erroneous notion that the compressor’s refrigerant diminishes with the everyday running of the AC unit. This belief is factually incorrect. Leakage in the AC compressor is the only cause of the refrigerant leak.

What causes refrigerant leakage in the home airconditioner?

There’s more than one possibility your air conditioner could establish a coolant leak. Over time, an older AC device can leak refrigerant due to wear and tear of the components. Another possibility is that using the machine for long periods of time can cause parts to come loose and the refrigerant to escape out of the device. Of course, you might get a refrigerant leak due to a natural catastrophe, which would inevitably destroy the system.

Problems caused by low AC refrigerant level

You are expected to face complications because of low refrigerant levels due to coolant leakage. The only way to keep cold air flowing is with a sufficient refrigerant level. Many of these other issues can often negatively affect the comfort and device performance:

Short cycling:

Short cycling occurs when the air conditioner is unable to complete its cooling loop. The period time between cool-up and cool-down is fifteen minutes. When you find that your machine cools your home for only ten minutes or less, trips more frequently, or doesn’t greatly affect the indoor temperature – coolant leakage is the culprit.

Ice formation on the evaporator coil:

The low coolant level makes it difficult to cool the air that passes through the evaporator coil. This will cause the coil to accumulate a coating of ice on the outside.

High energy bills:

Last but not least, your pocket will suffer from poor refrigerant pressure. It is impossible to cool your home with a low coolant or no coolant at all. This would put more strain on your AC’s compressor and thus increase your electricity costs.

What is the best AC gas top up service in Dubai?

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