Helpful Home AC Maintenance Tips for Indoor Pet Owners

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Helpful Home AC Maintenance Tips for Indoor Pet Owners

Being an animal owner has its benefits. You love the adorable gestures of your furry friends, and they often even warm your heart. Having them inside your house, on the other hand, necessitates additional safeguards. You must ensure your pets’ protection and comfort when maintaining your HVAC device in good working order.

It’s no wonder that your precious pets shed hair, dander, and feathers, which may exacerbate allergies and reduce indoor air quality. Here are few best practices for maintaining the airconditioning device working properly when you have an indoor pet.

Ensure that the pet is well-groomed and bathed.

Bathe and groom your furry friends on a daily basis. Pollen, dirt, dander, and fleas may all be minimized with this basic routine treatment. Failure to extract those allergens will clog air filters, placing your family’s health at risk.

Maintain the cleanliness of your house.

Although getting pets indoors is enjoyable, it often necessitates keeping your house tidy on a regular basis. Don’t be shocked if you see feathers and hair scattered over the place because most pets don’t sit in one location. Daily vacuuming and dusting can help remove those components before they obstruct the air conditioning unit’s air filters or vents.

Replace the air filters in your system.

Air filters can be updated every 1-3 months, on average. But with pets inside your house, it could be better to change air filters every month to keep a healthy circulation of air. Select filters with MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) scores of 8 or better. This guarantees the best efficiency of your AC unit and increases air quality.

Search for uncovered wires.

If your pets chew on objects they discover in the house, make sure all visible wires are hidden. This will help to eliminate any possible complications while still keeping your playful dogs and cats protected from injury.

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