AC Duct Cleaning Dubai: Is It Worth It?

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AC Duct Cleaning Dubai: Is It Worth It?

AC Duct Cleaning Dubai

When we approach summer and stay at home, it’s important to check if the air conditioning device is in good working order.

But did you think of all the AC ducts, too? An unclean air vent could be more troublesome than you thought, containing more soil, mold, and garbage than you actually realize.

Here are several indicators that the ducts need to be cleaned:

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An inexplicable and regular build-up of dust.

Have you ever dusted your house thoroughly just to find your furniture coated with a dense coating of dust a short time later? Your AC pipeline may be to blame. Dust collects in ducts, and as you switch on the air conditioner, this dust is dispersed in your house.

Allergies and other respiratory conditions may cause the following symptoms.

Dust and dirt aren’t the only things that accumulate in the air conditioner over time. An unclean AC conduit is a perfect hip spot for mold, mildew, pollen, and other allergens that may exacerbate many people’s breathing difficulties and allergies. Furthermore, organic matter such as pet fur and dander will infiltrate your air conditioner, providing a breeding ground for a variety of bacteria and parasites. It’s revolting!

Air continually smelling stinky or foodish.

Have you been unable to get rid of the aroma of the Pulao that you ate several days ago in the room? It’s possible that the problem is with your air ducts. The efficiency of air ventilation is harmed when your ducts are covered in dust and debris, and the scent of food preparation lingers for much longer. When you switch on the air conditioner, these odors circulate in your home. Furthermore, if you detect a moist, musty odor in your house, it may be the result of mold development in your ductwork.

Just as routine hand washing helps to keep germs at bay, having the air conditioner, ducts, and coils washed on a scheduled maintenance basis can guarantee that clean air circulates in your home throughout the summer.

Duct cleaning can be done by specialized workers who have all of the necessary equipment to access such difficult-to-reach areas. Our technicians at BreezeCool use advanced duct cleaning machines that brush and suction dirt away in one operation. Our AC Duct Cleaning experts then add antibacterial and antifungal deodorizers, ensuring that the ducts are clean and healthy.

What was the last time you had your air ducts cleaned?

If you have any other concerns about the cleaning of ducts, we will be happy to provide guidance on the basis of years of experience operating in properties around Dubai. Simply ask your questions or contact us for any type of AC repair, maintenance, installation works in Dubai @ +971 568 368 976.

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