Importance of AC Evaporator and Condenser Coil Cleaning

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Importance of AC Evaporator and Condenser Coil Cleaning

Every day, we’re focused on sticking to those strict deadlines, but we aren’t aware that something in our home is still vying for your attention. Have you ever given a thought to your air conditioner’s evaporator and condenser coils? We always accomplish significant tasks, but minor details such as the AC’s coil appear to be overlooked until they become a major problem. This article will teach you all about your A/C coils and why they need to be maintained and serviced regularly.

Types of Air Conditioning Coils

There are two main types of coils that your AC is highly dependent on along with other components:

Condenser CoilsCondenser coils are located in the outdoor AC unit. They radiate heat into the atmosphere. The coolant is drawn into the coils under pressure and changed into a liquid that later dismisses the thermal heat from the heating exchanger surface.

Evaporator CoilsEvaporator coils are located inside the indoor AC unit. They do the reverse function of condenser coils. The fluid coolant is injected through low pressures which evaporate the coolant and absorbs the heat from the heat exchanger’s surface during processing.

Importance of Coil Cleaning

Here are some reasons why coil cleaning is necessary for your air conditioner.


According to the Department of Energy, a dirty condenser coil will raise the compressor’s energy usage by 20-30%, whereas a dirty evaporator coil decreases airflow. You will achieve a more effective A/C with clean coils, which improves your energy savings every month.

Better Comfort

Coils are one of the most important components of your air conditioner, and if they fail to function correctly, your comfort can be jeopardized. Your unit’s reliability can be hampered by residue. Take time to inspect the coils, and keep their surroundings clean (especially the condensor coils, which are prone to leaves, hair, dirt due to their outdoor placement).

Excellent Performance

If you don’t clean your coils, your air conditioner’s ability to cool your home will suffer. If the coils are coated with dirt and ashes, heat is stuck inside and cannot be emitted immediately. As a consequence, there is inadequate ventilation, higher energy demand, and low efficiency. If your coils are clean, none of these problems can arise.

Increased Life Span

Your coils are constantly exposed to viruses, soil, leaves, pollen, and other small objects, all of which may negatively affect the output of your device. Such contamination will make the job of your AC unit tougher and make it work harder than usual. Coil cleaning and disinfection can be done on a regular basis to extend the longevity of your unit.

Not only are your coil problems fixed with professional AC Maintenance in Dubai, but other hidden issues in your device are also addressed. Coil cleaning may be added to the annual air conditioning repair and maintenance service.

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