Common AC Condenser Issues that Require AC Maintenance

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Common AC Condenser Issues that Require AC Maintenance

Recurrent repairs are costly and they can be an alarming sign indicating that you should install a new air conditioner. You should consider installing a new air conditioner. Several problems can be effectively managed by AC maintenance Dubai services. You may experience one part of the system breaking down again and again. Dealing with it can become overwhelming over time. You should be aware of the common problems that arise with the AC condenser and how to fix those issues through AC repair Dubai. Especially dealing with HVAC issues during scorching heat isn’t fun for any homeowner. If your AC condenser is not functioning properly, your AC won’t be able to keep the room cool. BreezeCool provides effective AC Service Dubai with experienced and trained experts for repair and installation.

How Can You Repair AC Condenser?

In your air conditioning system, the condenser unit is the outside component. It resides in the outdoor cabinet of the AC. The condenser unit includes a condenser fan and condenser coils. The purpose of the condenser is to release the heat that comes from refrigerants after being pressurized in the compressor. System-wide imbalance is created when something goes wrong with the condenser. It is the central part of the refrigerant cycle. Efficient AC maintenance Dubai services can prevent damage.

Common AC Condenser Unit Problems:

Multiple problems can arise within your AC condenser:

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks are a common cause of condenser problems. Leaks can occur inside the faulty tubes or within the seals of your AC condenser. Such leaks are very common when your ac works harder in keeping the room temperature maintained. The refrigerant makes its way towards the indoor evaporator coils. Along the way, it passes through narrow tubes of the condenser coil. It releases heat in the process. Leaks can occur in the coils. The entire heat release and the cooling system collapse as the main purpose of refrigerant is to assist in the transfer of heat in your system. When there is a leak, the level of heat transfer is reduced. You may experience warm air blowing, compressor problems, and icing. To restore proper functioning the leaks require AC Repair Dubai services.

If you find a leak or a wet spot near your condenser, get our professional help to repair the issue before a complete breakdown.

Issues with Condenser Fan

The fan on the external unit is commonly known as a condenser fan. The fan allows effective airflow along with removing heat coming from the condenser coils. It blows the heat outside. Problems with wiring, worn fan belt, and motor issues can damage the functioning of the condenser fan. It can negatively impact the heat releasing mechanism. You need efficient AC services in Dubai for the perfect functioning of your HVAC system.

Dirty Coils Problem

Dirt, dust, and debris get caught in the condenser coil. If you don’t get the dirt and dust cleaned at least once a year, it will develop a layer over the coils acting as insulation. This will block the heat release of refrigerants. Your system may experience punctured components as a result of accumulated dirt and dust.

Who to Call For AC Repair Dubai?

If you are experiencing cooling problems, if your AC is throwing warn air instead of cooling the room, then there might be a blockage in your AC condenser’s airflow. When any problem occurs with your HVAC system, get proper maintenance. Schedule a maintenance appointment with BreezeCool at least twice a year to ensure the proper functioning of your systems. We provide a professional cleaning service while repairing components of your system.

We care about your comfort and ease. If you have more queries our expert Ac repair and maintenance services will make your summer happy and comfortable.

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