Strange AC Sounds That You Should Never Ignore

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Strange Air Conditioner Sounds That You Should Never Ignore

When it comes to your home or office air conditioning units, there are certain noises that you would not like to experience for they aren’t only irritating but also depict a malfunction in the cooling system. Today we’re here to mention them.

Every air conditioner does make a few noises such as the sound of the air blower and the compressor running noise – which are natural and common. But if the noise is something so strange that it creates a disturbance in your comfort, it is surely something that requires immediate diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Here are some of the strange AC sounds to keep an ear out for:

There are a variety of air conditioning noises that you should avoid experiencing. Here are a couple of sounds to keep an eye on this summer:

Banging or Knocking Sound

Your air conditioner shouldn’t be extremely noisy or creating loud banging sounds.  If you hear a banging noise coming from your air conditioner, it’s time to get it immediately diagnosed. noises indicate a faulty compressor or broken rotary compressor bearing.

Clanking Noise

Banging and clanking are two somewhat separate noises. When we hear the term “clanking,” we usually think about a sound that is a bit softer. This sound signifies a problem with a component moving through your device.

Hissing Sound

Did you shut your eyes for a peaceful sleep but experienced hissing noises from your air conditioner, probably similar to what insects make on a quiet night?  Your air conditioning system should not create any unnecessary noises, and it should certainly not hiss. If you’ve been hearing this, there’s a high likelihood you’ve got an air leak.

Squealing Noise

Squealing is usually an indication that the system has built up a lot of pressure inside and is struggling to get it out. This is what you shouldn’t be experiencing.  If you let this sound go unaddressed, it may potentially do harm to your AC unit.


Does your AC produce an electronic buzzing sound? This is an indication that your AC might have a major electrical problem. We will help you find out what’s going on.

Rattling Noise

The sound of rattling may mean that an internal component is loose. that component is a loosened screw or a fan blade. 

Clicking Sound

Your air conditioner is usually going to create a gentle click noise as it switches on, but nothing else is a concern. Constant clicking indicates a problem with the air conditioning system’s key features.

Humming Noise

Have you found that when your air conditioner cycles, it creates a humming noise? In moderation, this noise is natural, however noisy and constant humming means that you have either loose parts or refrigerant issues.

Whistling Sound

If the air conditioner whistles when working, you can have a refrigerant leak.

Gurgling Noise

Is your AC producing a gurgling or grinding noise?  This is a warning signal. Gurgling is a warning that the air conditioning device is experiencing an internal leak. Making sure you take control of this dilemma as quickly as possible. This is a challenge that has the potential to quickly spiral out of control.

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