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Over the summer months, all of us eagerly anticipate the feeling of returning to a well-cooled home. It’s a welcome reprieve from the day’s work and a welcome break from the sweltering temperatures outside. All of this, though, will fail if our air conditioner isn’t running efficiently as a consequence of a filthy condenser coil. As a result, it’s important to understand what your condenser coil is, how it gets dirty, and what you should do with it.

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What are Condenser Coils and How Do They Work?

In addition to other elements, the air conditioning device is made up of two kinds of coils. These are referred to as the evaporator coil (indoor) and condenser coil (outdoor).

The indoor coil, also known as the evaporator coil, is normally found in the air conditioner’s indoor panel. The condenser coil is inside the outdoor unit. It deflects the heat that is blowing over it from the outside.

Usually, all coils are constructed of copper with aluminum fins. Over time, both will collect dust and dirt. However, since the condenser coil is outside and not covered by a filter, it is more prone to collecting dust, lawn clippings, pet fur, and other outside pollutants. When it becomes clogged, heat is unable to exit the condenser coil, impairing the AC’s cooling efficiency.

When the Coil Is Dirty, What Happens?

When the condenser coil becomes filthy, it obstructs heat flow, which is essential for effective cooling. It makes the compressor operate faster, increases the average operating temperature of the machine, and reduces its life span over time. In order to enable proper airflow through the complete device, the coils must remain clean.

The Purpose of Condenser Coils

To appreciate the value of the condenser coil, it’s essential to understand how your air conditioner is dependent on the condenser coil.

Your air conditioner is responsible for removing heat from your house and replacing it with cold air. Hot air is drawn over the indoor tubes, where it is absorbed by the refrigerant, allowing it to evaporate. Specific conduits then transport the gas to the outdoor unit, where it is forced back to liquid form by a special pump called a compressor.

The extra heat generated in this phase is transferred to the outside through the condenser coils. As a consequence of this, the gas cools and reverts to its liquid form. The refrigerant dissipates the accumulated heat outside the building, allowing cooler air to circulate indoors. This loop is repeated indefinitely to keep your home cool.

What Effects Would a Dirty Coil Have?

The first result of a dirty condenser coil is a noticeable drop in your air conditioner’s performance. It can seem that your air conditioner isn’t as efficient as you’d want it to be, or that it takes longer to cool your house. You can note a change in the humidity level in your house. That’s how the air conditioner is running over time to keep up with the humidity in the air. In extreme situations, the air conditioner can also blow hot air.

Therefore, it’s safer to switch it off and contact a specialist. You don’t have to wait for a tragedy to hit to take action. There is one simple measure you should take to ensure the cleanliness of your condenser coil and that your machine operates at peak performance.

Why Should The Air Conditioner Condenser Coils Be Cleaned?

Since the outdoor unit’s sole objective is to disperse heat outside your house, adequate airflow is critical. The higher the air pressure, the more effectively the air conditioner will remove the heat that has been collected, thereby enhancing the system’s overall efficiency.

If the condenser coil on your air conditioner fails, the whole device will suffer. The effectiveness of your air conditioner may be hampered by dirt. Examine the air conditioner’s outdoor unit on a regular basis. Make sure the exterior device is clean. If your device isn’t functioning correctly, give BreezeCool’s Dubai AC Servicing Experts a call.

The majority of homeowners do not keep their AC’s outer unit maintained and inspected. Notice that condenser coils are a part of the outdoor unit, which should be regularly maintained. The output of your air conditioner is impacted if the condenser coil is not cleaned. When it is coated with soil and debris, heat is stored inside and cannot be easily emitted. This would result in inefficient ventilation and higher energy use.

Condensers are exposed to various debris, including leaves and bugs. Bear in mind that regular cleaning is the most effective way to extend the life of the air conditioner. Your air conditioning unit needs to be cleaned regularly if you want to keep indoors cool and comfortable.

How Do You Minimize Dust Buildup in a Dirty Coil?

The safest method for keeping your AC running at its optimum efficiency is to get it inspected and serviced every year. This will not only take care of the coil (cleaning it if needed), but it will also ensure that the rest of your device is in good working order. An AC repair and servicing expert can check all of the system’s parts, including the compressor, fan, coils, and refrigerant levels. If something has to be repaired or replaced, so you will get the job completed at a cheap cost way earlier than a costly malfunction.

Cleaning the inner coils and filter of the air conditioner is pretty easy, but cleaning the condenser coils and other external components should be left to the professionals. A professional ac maintenance service can guarantee the proper working conditions of your condenser coils.

Looking for the best AC condenser coil cleaning service in Dubai?
Give BreezeCool a call at 050 726 4532.

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