LG AC Maintenance & Repair Service in Dubai (050 726 4532)

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LG AC Maintenance & Repair Service in Dubai

BreezeCool offers same-day LG AC servicing, maintenance, and repair services in Dubai. We have a team of certified professionals – experts in window, split, and central air conditioning units manufactured by LG.

Contact us now at 050 726 4532 and get your LG AC repaired anywhere and anytime in Dubai, UAE.

LG AC Maintenance Service in Dubai

AC maintenance is necessary to keep the air conditioner in a perfect functional state. Dubai is a city where the summer temperatures can soar up to 50°C. It is therefore important to have your AC kept in pristine condition for comfortable summers.

Like all other AC brands, LG-made air conditioners also require scheduled maintenance and servicing. This includes proper inspection and cleaning of intake filters, condenser fins, and evaporator coils; fixing leaks, clogs, and loosened electrical connections; and examining refrigerant levels and moving parts.

BreezeCool offers full-fledged LG AC maintenance services in Dubai. Our HVAC experts complete every AC maintenance job with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We first perform a complete inspection of your window and/or split AC, provide you with a detailed report of what needs to be fixed, and then proceed with the servicing + maintenance job.

Want to book an LG AC maintenance service in Dubai? Dial 050 726 4532 and have your LG air conditioners serviced to their showroom condition!

LG AC Repair Service in Dubai

AC problems can pop up anytime. While a majority of the time it’s the compressor malfunction, sometimes even a faulty thermostat or a clogged coil can impact the airconditioner’s cooling performance.

BreezeCool AC Repair company offers 24/7 LG AC repairs in Dubai. Our HVAC experts are round-the-clock ready to be deployed for LG central, split, and window air conditioner repairs at residential and workplaces. We are proficient in all types of AC repair jobs and have a complete stock of LG air conditioner spare parts available at wholesale rates. This guarantees quick fixes and spare-part replacements at any hour of the day and/or night.

Looking for the best and most affordable LG AC repair service in UAE? Call our 24-hour-available Dubai LG AC repair staff at 050 726 4532 and get your home/office cooling systems repaired with a money-back guarantee.

Compressor Replacement/Repair

We at BreezeCool are in direct contact with the best and most economical LG AC compressor suppliers in Dubai. In addition, our HVAC technicians are seasoned in fixing all types of minor and advanced LG air conditioner problems. So if you need an LG AC compressor replacement or want an LG AC compressor repair service in Dubai – dial 050 726 4532 to seek immediate assistance.

Refrigerant Recharge

Most air conditioning systems lose their cooling performance after years of operation. The reduced cooling effect is mostly due to gas leakage or insufficient coolant levels. Facing a similar issue? BreezeCool (Dubai’s Best AC Gas Top Up Dealer) provides LG AC refrigerant recharge facilities for all types and models of LG air conditioners. Also, we have company-recommended refrigerant versions available for all models of LG-manufactured ACs.

BreezeCool is a 5-star rated Dubai AC Repair and Maintenance company. We are based in Dubai, UAE, and have years of HVAC experience in the Arabian Peninsula. If you have an LG air conditioner and need any type of servicing job at your doorsteps, you may contact us. We are professionals and can accommodate all your queries and fix LG ac problems with happy customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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