10 Common AC Problems and Quick Troubleshooting Tips in Dubai

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Whenever we plan to visit Dubai or even hear its names, a few things flash into our minds, like the beauty of the desert, tourism, the international environment, and the hot climate. The fame of Dubai for being a hot region is exceptional and makes it one of the top cooling machine users according to area and population. The more air conditioners, the more issues, and AC maintenance is a way to keep the machines in good condition. So, this blog will describe the most common AC problems and their solutions.

Most common AC problems

Undoubtedly, a broken air conditioner is worse than an out-of-order vehicle because there are various alternatives to cars, but air conditioners. When we talk about the most common AC problems, we encounter hundreds, but most specific of them are uneven cooling, weak airflow, and many others. So, let us start this discussion from the uneven cooling.

Uneven Cooling

AC installation is not an issue, but caring for it. So, no worries if your AC is playing and not spreading the expected air equally. Check those vents for any sneaky blockages, freshen up or swap out those air filters, and remember to keep the doors and windows shut. Voila! Your calm oasis is back on track.

Weak Airflow

Is your air conditioner entertaining you with weak airflow? Do not stress; plunge in and look for dust accumulation in that air filter. Change it out if it seems too snug in there. Additionally, take a quick look to ensure that nothing nefarious is obstructing your vents.

Strange Odors

What bothers us a lot when we are in a cozy environment during the summer? These are the odors, and what if your air conditioner is the reason for these smells? It mostly happens, but don’t worry and clean or replace the air filter first. Make use of AC-specific air fresheners. When the stench persists, it may indicate the presence of mold or mildew. In such a case, you should hire experts for a thorough cleaning!

Water Leaks

You must have seen water around your air conditioner, and mostly, it takes us to some stressful conditions. But rapid action can escape you from severe conditions. All you have to do is to ensure water flows freely and first check for obstructions in the condensate drain. If the issue persists, it’s time to hire experts to prevent any water damage.

Unusual Noises

What will be your reaction if your cooling machine starts making noise at once? It will be a bothering situation, but you can get rid of it. First, lubricate all moving components well, tighten any loose screws, and inspect the fan for any dirt. At the same time, it is time to call in the professionals if the noise doesn’t go away because an expert technician can diagnose the problem thoroughly and restore your AC’s quiet operation.

AC Not Turning On

Don’t worry if you’re having trouble starting your air conditioner! Check the thermostat settings first, then make sure the circuit breaker is turned on and replace the thermostat’s batteries. Seeking a professional diagnosis for a complete analysis is wise if the issue continues. They can solve the enigma around your AC’s unwillingness to start up.

Frequent Cycling

If your AC constantly switches off and on frequently, it might be a bothering situation, but don’t panic and start by cleaning or changing the air filter for a fresh start. Check for proper insulation, and look at the thermostat and refrigerant levels for hiccups. Addressing these steps should help your AC find its balance without the constant on-off dance.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Another problem among the most common AC problems is to find frozen evaporator coils. But you do not have to become fixed as well and find the solution. Check those air filters for obstructions or debris to start the thawing process for a warmer hug, and maintain a steady airflow. If the frosty impasse persists, there may be a refrigerant glitch, in which case expert assistance will be needed to solve the problem.

Thermostat Issues

People usually ask how to save money on operating costs. Using a smart thermostat is a good option in such situations. So, if you are dealing with a thermostat showing inaccurate readings or ignoring your commands, begin by giving it a calibration check, freshening up those batteries, and creating some space for heat-loving appliances. If the issues persist, it’s time to elevate your thermostat game with an intelligent upgrade for smoother control.

High Energy Bills

Various factors can increase your monthly electric bill and a broken air conditioner plays its role as well. First of all, ensure your AC matches your space perfectly. In addition, fix any air leaks and maintain regular maintenance. Keep these in check, and your system will smoothly sail on the efficiency express.


An effective air conditioner is not just a luxury but also a necessity in Dubai’s hDubai’shumid metropolis. All you have to do is to select the best air conditioner for your home and business. Moreover, choose the professionals for AC repair and maintenance. When you start finding the best service provider in Dubai, we assure you that BreezCool is the best among all. So, be aware of these most common AC problems and apply the best solutions for optimal performance and longevity.

Q. Should I cover my air conditioning unit in the winter?

Although covering the entire device might trap moisture and cause corrosion, covering the top of the unit is advised. For detailed advice, see the manufacturer’s or a qualified individual.

Q. If my AC ducts need to be cleaned, how can I tell?

Increasing dust in your home, visible mold, and musty odors indicate that your ducts are unclean. If you see these indicators or notice a decrease in airflow, make an appointment for expert duct cleaning.

Q. Can you explain what short cycling is and how to avoid it?

The AC shortens the cycles when it regularly switches on and off. Keep it from happening by ensuring the installation is done correctly. Moreover, keeping the filters clean, and taking quick care of any thermostat or sensor problems.

Q. Which A/C systems are compatible with smart thermostats?

Certain elements are compatible. Verify the thermostat and seek expert advice to ensure it is compatible with your particular air conditioning system because specific systems can need more wiring or modifications.

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