AC Maintenance Service Dubai: What To Expect?

The effectiveness of an air conditioning tune up service is, of course, determined by the maintenance plan to which you subscribe… However, below we have mentioned some of the services which you are expected to get when getting your ac maintenance done by the best Dubai AC servicing company.

Cleaning the Condenser Fins and Air Intake Filters

After prolonged use, an air conditioner’s intake/filter collects massive amounts of dust and particles. Additionally, all the mileage and non-stop running cycles take a toll on the belts and pulleys inside the AC unit. Using the air conditioner in this condition is unsafe. Clogged and polluted filters pump environmental toxins. It will also break rusted belts and pulleys, causing further damage and exacerbating the issue.

During an aircon service, the technicians clean the air filters. Mold and dirt particles are rinsed from the condenser fins. In addition, the belts and pulleys are also examined for looseness and wear and tear.

Cleaning of AC Indoor/Outdoor Condensor and Evaporator Coils.

The biggest enemies of an air conditioning machine are dirt particles. Debris, contaminants, and dust block AC lines and coils, reducing system efficiency, overheating the machine, and possibly contributing to a failure. Other than inside, the external condenser coils will even get very dirty if the outside air is dusty or where trees are close (as dry leaves can get stuck inside the outdoor unit). If dirt is collecting on the condenser coil’s fins, it can be easily noticed.

Cleaning up the A/C condensate line helps the air conditioner to drain liquid condensate properly. AC servicing technicians can clean dust and contaminants from both the indoor and outdoor condenser and evaporator coils during AC maintenance. Condensate drain purification will also minimize some mold and bacteria across the drain line. The AC repair technicians will also look for broken condensate pipes and repair or replace any leaking condensate drain lines.

Cleaning and restoring the shape of AC fins and blades.

Aluminum fins on an air conditioner’s evaporator and condenser coils bend and get dusty. This delays air movement through air vents, resulting in poor performance. Cleaning the fins and maximizing the output of the blower motor means that you experience improved airflow and optimal comfort from your air conditioner. This implies that the machine performs optimally and reduces energy costs.

AC servicing experts can clean the dust from the AC condenser and evaporator fan blades throughout the AC maintenance operation. use advanced “fin combs” to return bent fins to their original shape.

Repairing Drain Pipe Leakage and Clogs

Clogged drain channels prohibit a device from decreasing humidity, and the additional moisture that occurs induces leakage and discoloration of the wall where the AC is installed.

During AC service, mechanics will search and see whether there is any water dripping or pooling somewhere in the device. They’ll even inspect the pipes and tubing within the AC unit for any signs of leakage. They will vacuum out debris from the drain so that the water leak issue from the AC device can be prevented.

Examining Coolant Amounts and AC Gas Leakage

Is your air-conditioner running, but not perfectly cooling? AC maintenance package from a top-quality AC servicing company includes error detection and problem-solving as well. This includes inspecting the cooling system for safe operation and verifying that the refrigerant is filled correctly.

The technicians will confirm whether the coolant level in the compressor is acceptable during the AC tune-up. If it’s low, there’s a leak in your coils. If the coolant level (Freon) is less than the required amount, the coolant temperature falls under the standard and the AC ceases cooling.

Tightening Weak Electrical Connections and Lubricating Moving Parts

AC tune-up engineers will also calibrate the thermostat and double-check that it is fully assembled and running.

The mechanical team will also evaluate electrical connections to ensure that they are in proper working order. Testing and reinforcing loose electrical links helps to prevent potential electrical hazards and thereby extends the longevity of your air conditioning device.

In the absence of lubrication, unit components deteriorate quickly, necessitating more regular servicing and/or replacement. As a result, lubrication would be performed as well.

Examining the overall condition

A detailed inspection of all of the air conditioning unit’s components will show small problems that may contribute to breakdowns. You will be informed of any fixes that are needed, as well as any small concerns that could result in a big cost later on.

During AC activity, the AC technician inspects the key components such as the compressor, fan motor, evaporator plate, condenser assembly, and thermostat for any problems. If any defects in the components are found during the AC upgrade, the technician will suggest a modification or replacement as appropriate.